Terrify the Dark

Terrify the Dark is one of those songs that stirred something in me the first time I heard the song. It is a little on the mellower side compared to my normal Skillet favorites. But the lyrics really hit me right where I feel like God is working in my life.

No power on Earth, no power in Hell
Is gonna steal my peace
Ten thousand enemies, they will
End up on their knees
When I’m hopeless, I can know this, You’re with me

Your light will terrify the dark
I call upon the name
That tears the night apart
My doubt will answer to Your scars
And fear will have no place
No hold upon my heart

Terrify the Dark – Skillet

This song expresses how I feel like we should respond the battle that is going on around and within us.

When we feel rattled.

When we feel wounded.

When we need to retreat.

I will rely on the light to break the darkness and cast out the fear that wants to take my heart captive.

Skillet is one of those bands that has been with me since the beginning. The rest of the album is pretty awesome, so you should go check it out wherever you listen to your music.

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